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An Effort To Create A News Post

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I really need to be more active on this thing outside of updating the comic. After all, this is supposed to be my blog... Assuming I ever get around to believing in blogs, anyway. But even if I did start believing in blogs, I don't know what I should write. Do I write about my day to day life? My thoughts, revelations, beliefs? If I were to write about the former, then it would be boring as shit. The latter could be cool, though... Although, it could also lead people to believe the wrong things about me. But only because one of my main beliefs is that I believe things that are different from most others.

Hmmm... What to do... what to do...

Maybe I could continue to write about how I have nothing to write about and ramble on about different philosophies... Or maybe I could complain about how every frickin' person in Oklahoma seems to leave out the precious verb phrase "to be" when they're speaking.

That pisses me off.

"The oven needs cleaned out." WTF!? "The oven needs TO BE cleaned out." Use "to be" or else find a way to forgo it, like: "The oven needs cleaning." or "Someone needs to clean out the oven." This isn't rocket science, jeez. Anyone can freakin' do this.

Dark-NESS, AKA Jeff Hackmann

P.S. Maybe next time I'll have something more substantial...