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Announcing The Official Launch of 3DView!!

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"3DView" is the name I have deigned to give that magnificent new button you now see next to the comic title. From now on, Square-Headed will be featuring full 3D on select comic strips. Why only a select few? Because most of the time they wouldn't benefit from 3D. Todays' strip, however, I believe does benefit from the added dimension, which is why I made a 3D version in the first place.

I also made it because I wanted to. The same goes for 3DView. Yeah, I'm a 3D enthusiast. Ever since I got that National Geographic with the 3D pictures of Mars. So badass...

However, while I do love 3D, I think it's important to keep the original 2D version displayed front and center. I could've just released the 3D version by itself, but that posed a few problems: Certain colors messed up the 3D effect, not everyone has sixty pairs of red/cyan glasses hanging around, mooses, not everyone likes 3D... Pretty much all those things. The button will keep everyone happy.

Probably going to play some Osu! now. So addictive...

And I'm serious about what I said in my latest tweet. Or perhaps not. Belief or disbelief rests with you.

Dark-NESS, AKA Jeff Hackmann

P.S. Told you I'd have something more substantial to say this time.