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Beware, I live.

Posted on in 2018 july

Square-Headed has had a few sporadic comic updates over the past few years, almost like a mostly empty oxygen tank barely keeping an astronaut alive. I am currently working to stop this trend, not by emptying the oxygen tank and letting it die, but by strapping a new tank in and actually getting something done around here. Although it doesn't have the most viewers(if there are any here reading this, I thank you for your patience and support), I've always felt annoyed by the fact that Square-Headed has been languishing in its little corner of the internet. Incomplete. Unattended by its creator. For a time I think I was just going to let it go(f@#$ off, Elsa...), but I could never actually bring myself to do that.

So here we are.


Viva Medici! Er, Figaro. I meant Figaro.