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Apologizing at this juncture...

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... is probably useless because I doubt anyone believes anymore that things are coming. It's too bad I had to go and prove everyone wrong about that today. Oh well, that's life.

Motivating myself of late has been a bitch, but hopefully my new PC will change that. I've found new reason to continue Square-Headed regardless of whether or not anyone reads it, and that is because it is fun for me to write and to make. This should've been incentive enough, but sometimes it just feels like work.

As in "job-like" work.

Granted, that should be the ideal to strive for: Square-Headed becoming my job. I could do that. I WOULD do that. In a heartbeat even. Unfortunately, I need many, many more readers for that, as well as well paying sponsors. It might help if I advertised more, too. I'm rambling now, so I guess I should stop that. If you enjoy Square-Headed, welcome back. If you've just found this, please take the time to read some of them. More comics are on the way, this is assured.

Oh, wait, I've been saying that for months, too.

Well... shit...

Jeff Hackmann AKA, Screamin_Wookiee, AKA Dark-NESS