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Well, That Took WAY Longer Than I Anticipated...

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Screenshot, yay, not direct feed

...but it is done. My first "Petit Computer" program, a Tetris clone dubbed Icatris, is done. I used this little project as a means of learning how program in Basic, and was a lot of fun to make despite all of the setbacks(not knowing anything about Basic, rewriting whole sections of code, switching methods, forgetting about it, playing it...). I have additional plans for this clone, too, such as adding in music from "Kid Icarus", MAYBE adding another game mode, and some other thing I've forgotten. But why bother listening to me drone on any longer? If you have "Petit Computer", scan that shit in and play it.

If you run across any bugs, please tell me, even if you decide to fix it yourself.

There are five files in total: Game file, Graphics file 1, Graphics file 1, Color file, and the Font file. Yes, I'm sure I could've found a better way of managing the files. Guess I should work on that for the next version as well...

Game file

Graphics file 1

Graphics file 2

Color File

Font File

"Kid Icarus" sprites property of Nintendo, "Final Fantasy VI" font property of Square-Enix.

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