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This F@#$ing Sucked

Posted on in stories of yore

This incident was a very real thing that happened to a very real me. The only difference between this facsimile and reality is that I did not offer to work by myself to let another go home(we also closed earlier, not that it mattered). Indeed, I had no say in the matter. For two days, the world had snowed and iced up the town, making the roads treacherous. Because of the conditions, most everyone in the deli(and probably the store) had called in. I, feeling bad for having already called in the day before, decided it would be best to go to work since my dad is able in skill to traverse such terrain. The incident then proceeded to play itself out in the manner I have portrayed in my comic, though with less montage and more weary dizziness. Afterwards, I at least I felt like I had accomplished something, and thus allowed myself the pleasure of feeling like I could take anything on, that this was the culmination of all I had learned in the two months prior(the time between the incident and my hiring). Yes, I had taken on the deli at its worst, and I had succeeded.

The next day, the morning crew came and bitched to all my friends about the remaining mess, despite having no knowledge of my situation, and getting the day before off to do whatever they pleased.

At least management was grateful.

Wait, no, they never said anything about it.


Jeffrey Hackmann, AKA Dark-NESS, AKA Screamin_Wookiee