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Yeah, sorry about the lack of updates lately and the terrible schedule upon which they seem to revolve, but I'm doing my best here.


No, sorry, that's a lie. I'm NOT doing my best AT ALL. If I were doing my best, I would be updating waaaay more often than I am now. Regardless, I'm not dead, Square-Headed isn't going away, it's just... kind of... in pieces right now... The next story arc isn't entirely finished or refined yet, but it's coming. Just hang in there.

Jeff Hackman, AKA Dark-NESS


Posted on by Matt Hackmann (dxprog)
Matt Hackmann

Considering that you are no longer a "hard working American", you've no excuse not to update SEVENTY-THREE TIMES DAY!

I want to know who the masked marauder that put Feenie and Edgey up to this is.

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