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History of Square-Headed Part 4

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The first major Square-Headed story arc... It was something that I wanted to use to trick readers into thinking that I had a new update schedule and a new story oriented format. The basis for the arc was actually just a random collection of ideas that I had accumulated. There was no written script, and no set timeline for it, and as a result it was short. It also marked the first time I ever used Gimp to create comics. I made most of the comics ahead of time(the ones that required Gimp to make), but some were made while the arc was running(the ones that I could make in paint with haste). It was during the construction phase that I realized just how hard maintaining such a schedule was, but that was ok because the change wasn't permanent.

After the first major arc excursion, I vowed I would never do such a thing again. At the time, I felt it was too long, the amount of time it took to create for my skill level seemed astronomical, and, most of all, I felt like I was being just like every other sprite comic out there. I did keep using Gimp, though, and so Square-Headed became a little easier to make. Square-Headed had taken its first steps towards evolution.

Thanksgiving came, Christmas passed, comics were made, and with months of Gimp experience under my belt, I was starting to think of ways to make Square-Headed look better. My first decision was to try and use exclusively real world pictures for backgrounds. It probably would've worked if it hadn't turned out to be impossible to find new backgrounds of exact locations and situations every time. So, I decided to go with the next best thing: upscale everything.

For two years, Square-Headed had been on a 1x scale, which is no change to the original sprite size. And for two years, I didn't see this as a hinderance. I just assumed that if it was hard to see, then you could just get your face closer to the moniter. But there were some things that would be hard to see, even if one did get closer to the moniter. There was also the issue of some things being too large for the characters to hold because of their size, and occasional rotation needs. When I switched to a 2x scale, I realized that there were many more things I could do. Not only that, but is just plain easier to see without having to stick your face in the moniter. I think it may have also helped pave the way for this comic, which is one of the most significant in Square-Headed history. Why? Ha ha! Next time.

Dark-NESS, AKA Jeff Hackmann

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