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History of Square-Headed part 5

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That comic resonated with me for some reason. Relm and Sephiroth together in the same location... At that time, characters, except for Sephiroth or Kefka, were chosen completely at random. Why I decided on Relm is a mystery, but one thing was not.



Loved it.

Almost immediately after that comic ran, I began to think of the weirdest thing ever: Relm has a crush on Sephiroth. But it didn't stop there. I wanted to really show this off in the comic, I wanted to show Relm hiding in the background of strips Sephiroth appeared in, I wanted some other thing that I'm sure existed. The idea resonated with me so well that I had to write a full script detailing them on a date(which I did). It was then that I realized it was going to be another major Square-Headed arc. I was about to make what I had sworn not to make. Did I care? I did at some point... after I had actually started making the damn comics. But that was because production was dragging on and on and on. But I wanted to make this, even though I was worried about it, I continued to make it without hesitation. I was proud of it.

So now I had two arcs under my belt, what was next? A third arc. I had it written almost immediately after the second was written. But what would come after the third? A fourth arc, which had not yet been written, but would be at some point. And after that, a fifth? You bet. The second arc made me see exactly what I could do with Square-Headed. I could incorporate story without making story the only focus. Also, if I could make the story funny at the same time with only limited drama, then it would be perfect. One major arc per year, each one launching on the sixth of September: that was the plan. But during the third year of Square-Headed, while I was making the third major arc, major problems arose. I had a job, so time was limited, I went on vacation at the same time I was trying to start making the third arc, and after I had finished making the third arc, I couldn't think of anything for singular comics. Actually, I had already shown signs of being unable to think of any good singular jokes long before I started making the comics for Locke and Celes' wedding. I worried about it, but figured that I would build up some ideas while the third arc ran.

That never happened.

After the wedding arc ended, and Square-Headed went back to nroaml, I managed to make only one update, and two weeks of filler. it was then that I decided it was time for Square-Headed to go away... for a time. I didn't want it to end, because there was still so much that I wanted to show. I just needed to get away for a little bit to rethink my strategy, because the strategy I had been using for so long was starting to fail. It lacked evolution which is key to the survival of anything. It needed to evolve. I needed to evolve...

Dark-NESS, AKA Jeff Hackmann.

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