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Comics are going to be appearing again! Amazing, I know. I've been busy with schoolwork since January, so it's not too surprising that I've been forgetting about this place. I also got addicted to Osu! again(something I am going to endorse again and tell you to play right this instant)... Basically what I'm trying to say is this absence is inexcusable, it's totally my fault and I need to fix it.

So a new episode of the current arc, Baseless Conjecture, will be going up soon, and it will continue to update on time from now until its natural end, and then we'll be getting back to more adventures in Square-Headed. I should also be posting some more short stories and vignettes later on, mostly stuff I made for school that I really liked.

I hope you're still reading... even though there's been nothing new to read. Sorry about that.

17 days left...

Jeffrey A. Hackmann, AKA Dark-NESS, AKA Screamin_Wookiee

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