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This WAS a test post. It ain't anymore.

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Oh, that's right, Post, you just got JACKED! *Ahem* With that out of the way, welcome back to Square-Headed. It's been many, many months and moons since we last saw thee, and now thou hast returned. And it is beautiful. For those wondering, comics will resume next week. NEXT WEEK! WHOOO! I've been preparing this for a long time now, and my only hope is that it pays off... If it doesn't, then Square-Headed is doomed to suffer in the abyss of forgotten things forever... Or maybe not. I'm pretty psyched with this whole webcomic thing. Once the comics start coming, I'll also begin telling the history of Square-Headed. Why? Because maybe some people want to know. Just a little note: Some things on the site may or may not work properly. I haven't gotten around to testing it all, so please bear in mind that it's still sort of under construction. Otherwise, see you next week!

Dark-NESS, AKA, Jeff Hackmann.

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