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Well... That Didn't Work Out As Well As I'd Planned...

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I was kind of hoping to have had more news posts by this point, but it looks like that didn't happen. Why? Partially my laziness. I've also been working on comics, playing games in 3D(which IS awesome), going to work, getting over being sick, and writing comics and other things. I've also realized that there isn't much more to tell in the history of Square-Headed outside of stating that I got this site, made my older brother construct it and moved all of the comics over to it. Oh, and I changed the style format to story oriented as opposed to brief skits. I suppose I could add onto it by saying something deep a memorable, but that would get in the way of me talking about something else: Sephiroth and Relm.

*Girly squee.*

Ok, maybe I won't start talking about that(I'd written a paragraph where this statement now stands, but I erased it because it seemed too much like I was steeping myself in my own ego. It was also kind of awkward and creepy.). Anyway, the fact is that I need to start writing news posts more often, or period, really. I mean, uploading new comics is important, but it won't mean anything unless I show myself being active. Although, uploading comics kind of shows that, too...

Hmmm... Maybe I could start reviewing "Final Fantasy" games... I'd meant to do that before now. I was going to start with VII, then move to VIII and IX as I completed them. But I won't review VI. Why not? Actually, screw it, I'll do that right now.

"Final Fantasy VI" is the greatest @#$%ing game EVER.

Graphics: 10; Flawless expressions and excellent execution in every aspect. You can tell the designers put their hearts and souls into every pixel.

Sound: 10; Uematsu's greatest soundtrack. There are literally no songs that I do not like. BUY THIS SOUNDTRACK.

Gameplay: 9; It's a freakin' RPG, but the battle system is very well done and customizing is easy.

Story: 10; Best in the series. No, really, it is. I won't say anymore than this for fear of ruining it for everyone... Even though some parts of Square-Headed contain spoilers.

Overall: 10x(Infinity); Buy this game on the SNES, not the GBA. Whoever was in charge of the port $@#%ed the sound up. And if you don't own an SNES, what the hell is wrong with you? Go buy one. I don't even care if it's one of those SNES/NES combo unit things. Get one!


I think the reason why I didn't want to review VI is very apparent now. And in case it isn't, I'll tell you: I can't say anything bad about it. I think it's already pretty obvious what I think of VI anyway. Why do I need a review to tell everyone what they already know? Now VII, VIII and, at some point, IX, I can review because I do have issues with them. Some issues are larger than others, but that's to be expected.

I'm looking at you, VIII.

Dark-NESS, AKA Jeff Hackmann